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About Us

— Born out of necessity —

Bracketts is one woman’s quest to find the best skincare products for African skin tones by people who most likely understand African skin of color.

During COVID, when it became clear how limited access to our favorite skincare products had become; founder, AK, realized she didn’t know where to look for home-grown beauty and skincare alternatives. The heart of the struggle lay in the quest for products rooted in our African heritage and made with a sense of love, purpose, respect and commitment to improving skincare. All of this, as well as upholding and cherishing the wonderfully exotic, yet, indigenously rich ingredients found within our borders made the search even more worthwhile.



Bracketts Beauty is your go-to e-commerce skincare platform based in Nigeria. Our Vision is to make skincare more accessible online to Nigerians in Nigeria, and — indeed — all of us, Africans, on the continent and in the diaspora.

Our Mission is to redefine the narratives surrounding African skincare and African skincare brands, the indigenous ingredients in products we use and showcase the diverse offerings made by people of African heritage within the global beauty and skincare space. We want to bridge the gap between skincare consumers of African descent and product manufacturers; connecting customers with the best products from the makers and creators who share our heritage.

We clink our pots, jars—and everything in between—as we celebrate the very best skincare for African skin tones, and equally important, made by people like us!! #forusbyus